White Face Panoramas


One of the greatest thing about flying a multi rotor is that your not limited to one spot to take photos from. When your done with one just zoom around and change your perspective to get a different shot. In the panorama above I was over the driving range to get a better view of the hill in the background. For the bottom exposure I moved about 1000 feet to the other side of the road so it was just in frame throughout the image.


As I was shooting panoramas I was watching the clouds shadow move over the valley pretty fast so I raced to shoot another series of images for panoramas. It was such a spectacular site to see the clouds moving in so fast from the view live from the Phantom Vision 340 feet up and 700 feet away(Thats my white car in the parking lot). Happy flying everyone!

SOURCE: Quadcopter Guy – Read entire story here.

by Trent Siggard