The Best DJI Inspire 1 Dealers

The Best DJI Inspire 1 Dealers


If you are looking to buy a DJI Inspire 1, you might be wondering where the best place to get it from is. Is one dealer better than another? Is it a good idea to get it straight from DJI? Does it make a difference?


First of all, here are a few options I found of where you can purchase a DJI Inspire 1: B&H, Drones Etc., Ritz Camera, Adorama Camera, Hobby King, Amazon, or from DJI itself. There are others but these seemed to be used the most.


When choosing where to buy, you want to look most at the price, customer reviews, and what policies and services that company has. All of the companies I mentioned sell the Inspire 1 at $2,899. But if you keep an eye out for different deals and discounts you may be able to get it for less.


I’ve found that these companies all offer roughly the same service. But I think the two top dealers are B&H and Drones Etc. because of their customer service and expertise.


Most people say that B&H is the best company to buy the Inspire 1 from. With B&H you can get free expedited shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, and, if you buy before 4 PM Monday through Thursday or before 11 AM on Fridays, then your product will be shipped the same day. B&H also has helpful customer service which is a must with something as advanced as the Inspire 1. If you need to return your drone for any reason, you can contact B&H and they will helpfully guide you through their return procedure. You can return anything within 30 days if you are dissatisfied, as long as the product is in new condition and still contains all accessories that came with it. The only downside to buying an Inspire 1 on B&H is that they sometimes run out of product, so you may have to wait for them to be restocked. However, they don’t make you pay for the Inspire 1 until they have the product ready.


Drones Etc. has great customer reviews and its staff has extensive drone experience. It also has free same-day shipping and a great 10-day return policy. There’s also a price match guarantee if you find somewhere that sells the Inspire 1 at a lower price. And they have a team of experts ready to repair your drone if it ever gets damaged. So Drones Etc. is another great option for where you can buy your drone.


I would advise that you not buy a drone second hand from anywhere. This is mostly because you never know if some part isn’t working quite right and with an expensive—and very powerful—drone, not knowing if something is damaged could cause even more damage. If you do choose to get a drone second-hand, make sure the dealer you are buying it through has a great return policy so that you aren’t stuck with a defective controller or some similar problem.

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by Ashley Smith