Drone Nation: An Inside Look into Drone Racing


Drone Nationals Live Stream @ Drone Dudes

A Drone Nation; Something to be excited for, or extremely scared of? In this two part series Fusion TV takes you into the world of Drones to see who’s cashing on on this ‘gold rush’. 1st, we meet the Drone Dudes. Drone Dudes is a full service creative studio out of Downtown Los Angeles providing complete ground and aerial filmmaking solutions, as well as an online shop with expert help if your looking to get your own drone. If you haven’t checked them out before watch part one of Drone Nation. After, go to their website  and look at their work. It’s phenomenal. (Disclaimer: I might be a little bias, as I took the majority the photos on the website and worked the last 8 months at the studio)

Also featured in part one of Drone Nation is the Aerial Sports League. The ASL is run by the guys who founded Game of Drones, a company that makes an indestructible transparent airframe. Their claim to fame is aerial combat, where two drones enter a cage and only one drone leaves. You have three lives. If you are brought down, you have 90 seconds to repair your quad and enter the next match. I’ll be reviewing one of their airframes sometime soon stay tuned.

While I was working at the Drone Dudes studio in Downtown Los Angeles I meet the team from Fusion TV as they stopped by to film us for their half hour special on the drone

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Getting ready to Live Broadcast @ Drone Nationals

industry called “Drone Nation.” We gave them a tour around our studio, showing them different drones that we use for filming, some examples of our work, and lastly they wanted to learn more on Mini Quads. I mentioned that there was the 1st ever Drone Nationals race at the California State Fair, and they asked me if I was going.

At 1st I didn’t want to go to Drone Nationals. I felt intimidated, unworthy, andunprepared. The more experiences I have in life the more I realize when you are uncomfortable doing something you should probably bite down and just do it. At this time I just got my second mini quad, a XHover MXP230, and thats when you start pushing the limits. When you have just one, you’re scared to fly really hard because you want to make sure you still have a quad to fly the next day.

In my suburb outside of Los Angeles, it was hard to find people into mini quads one year ago. Now, theres a thriving community of pilots who are meeting almost daily and I’ve seen friends just starting out excel in the drone racing arena in just a short amount of time. It’s been amazing to watch.

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The set up I used at Drone Nationals. Taranis, Xhover MXP230, and Fatshark Dominator V2’s

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Brendan and I at the entrance of Done Nationals

In part two of Drone Nation you will meet the government side of Drones used for border security, as well as the segment on Drone Nationals. The Drone Nationals was so fun, and is something that I would absolutely recommend for everyone to enter into an official drone race at least once. The pressure of racing in front of so many of your peers, spectators, and the pressure to win might make you nervous. But learning how to deal with that pressure is what made Drone Nationals such a great experience for me. I felt as if I walked away from Drone Nationals as a much better pilot because of leaning to deal with stress management. Since Nationals, I’ve been flying better than I ever have before because I was so inspired to refine my skills and become a better more competent pilot afterwards. I felt a huge shift from pre-drone nationals to post-drone nationals.

Though I did not “Place” at the drone nationals, I believe I am the winner because I had the most fun. Creating community was the best part about it. Meeing people who you’ve interacted with on the internet and putting a face to the name was really cool. The event was not only about the racing. They had daily events after where everyone would get drinks, chat, and dream about what the future of Drone Racing would be. I’ve never been a part of a community like this, and I hope to be able to spread the joy that it has given me with many more people to come.

(Big shoutout to Scott Refsland from Flying Grounds International. Scot planned, organized, and executed the Nationals with extreme professionalism. He brought in the FAA, the AMA, and the FCC to figure out hoe everyone could cooperate to create a smooth event. For the 1st event of its kind, it was a pleasure to be a pilot.)



Also, I am embedding a podcast I did with Joe Strandell from The Joe Strandell Show. Joe and I talk about Drones, Life, Spirituality, Business, and much much more. I have a feeling a part two is going to be soon in the future so stay tuned!

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DxO ONE gives high quality images from your iPhone

DxO ONE has altered the way we take photographs.

Taking high quality photographs and videos is a passion for many in the drone community. In fact, it’s how a large number of us discovered drones in the first place!

David has been passionate about photography and video since he was a child. Our camera equipment includes the Sony A7S and the Leica M. Coupled with David’s talent we get awesome footage from both.

Large cameras like this, however, do have some limitations. They are expensive and bulky so we don’t tend to have them with us unless we are planning to take photographs. And while David is an expert, less experienced photographers can find them a little overwhelming to use.

So, we often end up taking photographs with our phones as we are never without them, and they are quick and easy to use. We have iPhones. Although the quality of image we get from these has improved it does not compare to the other cameras we have. Even with some post processing work – hello Instagram! – the quality is lacking.

Step forward DxO ONE. We LOVE this small camera. We got one in December and have used it frequently since then and have only good things to say about it.

dxo gift

David and Snowy excited about trying the DxO ONE

Weighing just 108g and measuring 5.1in it is easy to carry in a pocket or purse, meaning you will never see the opportunity for the perfect photo and be unable to capture it.

FullSizeRender (2)

Our puppy Biscuit rarely sits still. We were able to capture this moment quickly with the DxO ONE

The DxO ONE is a very small, compact camera which can be used alone or with an iPhone. It allows you to take pro quality photos with one hand.


The ultra compact DxO One can be used alone or when attached to an iPhone. Photograph by Wired.

When using with your iPhone the DxO One attaches with a lightning connector. It is easily removable, which is cool as other cameras in this space have to be permanently attached to your phone. Importantly, it doesn’t drain your phone battery as it runs on it’s own rechargeable lithium ion battery. It doesn’t eat up your phone memory either as pictures save to a microSD memory card.

Sharing and accessing images is also quick and easy. You can save pictures to your iPhone, and they can be shared to social media either from your iPhone or using the DxO One App. In addition,  the camera works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom, and many desktop and mobile photo apps.

The DxO ONE can be put to automatic settings for quick and easy use, or it can be used on manual for those with a flair for photography. Both produce great images.

FullSizeRender (3)

Nugget resting after a bath. Captured using DxO ONE

The DxO One boasts 20.2 megapixels and possesses a high quality, 6-element aspherical lens that has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 and an adjustable iris. Plus, it is the world’s smallest 1-inch sensor camera, providing sharp, bright photos in all sorts of light.

FullSizeRender (1)

Our cat, Sam, asking for treats. Captured with the DxO One

We also love that you can attach the DxO One to a tripod. We have had fun putting ours on a small one attached to our DJI Ronin-M, and capturing the backward view.

The DxO One retails at $499. Whether professional or novice we say get one, you will not regret it!

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FPV Racing Extras

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos from our FPV racing article

Where do you go from here?

FPV racing at this time is mainly a grassroots type of organization.  Races are generally organized by a group of people who all get together on the weekend and start flying. Check with local clubs and quad groups in your area.  But there are a couple of places on the web that you can check out for more for information.





There are also some Facebook groups that you can visit




If you like to add your FPV racing club to this list please add it to the comments below.

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DJI Inspire 1 @ Leo Carrillo


Leo Carrillo is a beach quaint beach on the northern end of the beautiful Malibu Coastline. Ever since I was a kid I remember camping at the campsite across the freeway and coming over to the beaches for long days full of relaxation. Naturally, It’s one of those places that resonates deep in my heart so I have to photograph it from my Quadcopter!

Leo Carrillo is named after an actor who was extremely passionate about conservation. Carrillo served on the Beach and Parks Commission, and helped a lot during the acquisition of the Hearst property in San Simeon.  It’s been interesting to see how the waves erode the caves over the years, hopefully soon I can do some 3D mapping of the rocks during low tide and compare in 5, 10, and 15 years.

“Here I am” Pose while flying at Leo Carrillo. I’ve been compiling images of myself front he beginning and ends of my flights. For a while when I catches my Phantom I would spin in a circle  with the camera pointed at me so I can cut them together. What also works is a Dronie, a photo or video of yourself while the quadcopter is in the air.


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Family Portrait With A Drone


This year when my family got together for the holidays we wanted to do things a little bit different. Instead of our usual family photo with us standing up, we found a awesome circle that we decided to lay in. I flew my Phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero 4 on time-lapse mode and flew above us. You can see me on the bottom of the photo looking at my monitor composing the image. After shooting some photos, I recorded a video and did the same move above us. This was one of the most unique family photos we’ve taken yet, and we’ll have to see where we can go to out-do this one next year.

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