Hovershotsapv – Granted Elusive FAA 333 Exemption

Hovershotsapv and Kevin Haley have been granted the elusive 333 Exemption from the FAA as of April 16th. 2015.  Haley, filed back on January 9th. 2015 and it took about 97 days to receive the exemption.

“We wanted to be able to fly legally in the USA!  Things are going to change and we are trying elevate the professionalism of the industry and the opportunity to be a frontrunner” – Kevin Haley

At the time of writing, Hovershotsapv is among only 190 companies in the USA, to receive their 333 as of April 2015. The Haleys started Hovershotsapv back in 2012 and Became an Llc, in November of 2014.  Hovershots is a Women owned company, they are very pleased to have received their 333 and now hope to open more commercial opportunities in the US.

“We have applied for SAM (System for award management) and have DNB and cage code, and therefore can supply services to government agencies, this opens opportunities to bid on Government contracts and work with municipalities, including military, security, police, fire and rescue groups.” – Shari Haley

Haley said the filing process took several hours to complete. The process was detailed, the FAA was thorough and have reporting requirements that set a high standard. Fortunately Hovershots had implemented many of these best practices in their day to operations. The hardest part was the waiting, because nothing is posted on the FAA website as far as if it went through, only when they received the e-mail saying it was granted.  Did they know for sure.

“I think my flying experience of 27 years, combined with our editor’s exceptional eye for imagery, a dual operator system where the pilot can watch the drone, fly in tighters spots and know we’ are catching the shots. It makes the results far more spectacular” – Kevin haley

Find Hovershots social media and portfolio here: http://air-vid.com/wp/pilot-portfolio/?pdb=25

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