CTRL.ME Showroom Opening

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CTRL.ME Has absolutely solidified themselves as a key player in the Drone industry. With the bulk of their business being custom projects they’re pushing the limits of what this technology can do. It was nice to see people from a lot of different age ranges and lots of women too! Throughout the night there was Drone related give away’s, VR Goggle experiences, beautiful drones on display, and awesome demo reels playing everywhere. I especially liked the “Drone Christmas Tree” where they suspended a bunch of different multicopters and made for a really cool display. At the end of the night I had to lay under it and take a picture.

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One of the many innovations displayed last night was the Skysence Charging pad. The charging pad has complete 100{76aac63475b2fa2b0ff8c627247b658f0f8be9308d85e6d1dcde35fd217c1812} positive and ground connectivity on the surface and will charge your quadcopter’s battery automatically upon landing to make your system completely autonomous for weeks at a time.

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The Bird is the newest copter I have seen from CTRL.me. Built on a custom CNC’d Tricopter frame and being shaped out of foam makes this copter lightweight and easy to fly. The Octo-Claw is a multicopter for trickery. With the integrated claw it enables delivery or pickup of goods from the air without getting the airship too close to anyone. The huge quadcopter you see on the bottom left was a special design made for flying gold bars into an event. The guys at CTRL.ME never stop short of delivering the most mind blowing experience for their clients.

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The copter below has to be my favorite, and has to be a huge contributing factor as to why i love CTRL.ME so much. Ever since I got a mini I’ve been dreaming of putting a gimbal onto a <300 fame. While in the shop one day I made the suggestion to make a mini X8 with a gimbal. A few weeks later I get a text message from Adam with a photo of the beautiful copter you see below. I will hopefully get to take it out soon and run some tests with the cute little guy.

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These hoop copters are the next level for interactive flying experiences. After taking off there is a motor that spins the hoola-hoop around the Hexacopter. In the hoop is sound activated LED lights that will change colors depending on the environment you put them in. In building them, the guys said they had to do very little tuning to the NAZAV2 to get it to fly right. With the ring spinning it does not effect your flight performance at all. While the copters were up in the air I was graciously handed a controller and was able to fly one of these guys; something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

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The well known Drone Dudes was there showing their newest gear and footage. With their new  line of awesome hats, shirts, and other small items that are Drone related they are bound to be in a closet near you. The talented NKDSGN has been in collaboration with Drone Dudes working on the design of the apparel line. Drone Dudes had their kickass van with Plasma FPV screen TV in the back playing various aerial reels they’ve accumulated over the years. The Drone Dudes have a studio in DTLA where they invite different people working on innovative technologies and push the limits of what is possible.

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Overall the night was amazing. There was always a copter in the air, things to watch, experience, touch, and ask questions about. CTRL.me is not just a quadcopter distributor or re-seller. They are pushing the limits of this technology more and more each month and It’s been awesome to watch blossom.  If you want to stay connected with CTRL.me check their website, youtube channel, Instagram, and Twitter.

SOURCE: Quadcopter Guy – Read entire story here.