Review on the DJI Inspire 1 Controller

Review on the DJI Inspire 1 Controller


After doing so much research, I am kind of obsessed with the DJI Inspire 1. We are talking about seriously cool technology here. Drones themselves are capable of so many things. Photography and videography are the main commercial and personal uses but drones can also help with animal tracking, surveillance, reconnaissance, news in dangerous areas, and maybe soon even delivery of packages.


When using any drone I would almost expect it to come to life and try taking over the world, but with the DJI Inspire 1 controller you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting sucked into a real-life second Avengers movie. It’s incredible to think that you have so much power and advanced technology in your hands. With the Inspire 1 controller, you are in control.


The Inspire 1 controller gets 5-star ratings from a lot of online reviews. One reviewer, when testing out the DJI Inspire 1 for the first time, was a little skeptical, especially when he had trouble getting the remote to turn on. But when he got the drone going, he was shocked by how smoothly the drone responded to direction from the remote. The remote’s control makes flying the Inspire 1 almost intuitive. Other reviewers commented on how the remote is well weighted, and how it is easy to reach all the switches and buttons. The main issues that people seemed to be having were just with turning on the remote or not having a cable working in the USB port. As far as having your cable work in the USB port, you may need to try another cable if yours isn’t working. Beyond that, it seems like most reviewers have had really positive responses to the DJI Inspire 1 remote.


So, here’s a little more info on the remote:


The single, rechargeable remote takes about six hours to fully charge, which is definitely above average for most comparable controllers. When it is fully charged, you will have a full four hours of remote operation—plenty of time to take your drone out on multiple flights.


When you get the handle of your drone, you should mount a mobile device on your Inspire 1 remote. The remote can hold any device the same size as or smaller than an iPad air. But whatever tablet you use really can’t be wider than 170mm. With the viewing device attached, you will have incredible control of the sights your Inspire 1 views as the tablet will enable you to view the video feed in real time once you connect it to either the HDMI or USB hookup located on the remote. These hookups can transmit video up to 2 km simultaneously when the function is activated.

The single remote controls every camera function as well as every movement the drone makes. Through the two toggle sticks on the top surface of the remote, you will control nose direction, forward and backward pitch, and rotation of the drone, among other things. Then, with the transformation switch, you can lower or raise the landing gear, or, by pressing the RTH button on the transformation switch, you can return the drone to the last home point where it will automatically perform all the landing operations without you having to worry about your skills.

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by Ashley Smith