Quadcopter for Sale on Amazon

Quadcopter for Sale on Amazon


Finding quadcopters for sale on Amazon can be a chore. I only say this because there are so many options to sift through and finding the right one for you is not as easy as just typing in “quadcopter.” You’ll get hundreds of results and many of them won’t even be quadcopters. You can narrow down your search with the advanced search column but this still may give you a bunch of results that seem unrelated and it may leave out the one drone that would be best for you.


Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is still a great place to find a quadcopter for sale. In fact, Amazon has its own drone store that has a list of drones for sale (though not yet comprehensive) and even some informational pages that tell you the basics about drones. Instead of searching through Amazon though, it’s better to know exactly which drone you want and then look that up on Amazon.


Here are some top choices of quadcopters for sale on Amazon:


The Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider is unusual for its amazing acrobatics that are fun for anyone to play around with. It has large wheels extending beyond the quad propellers that let the drone flip in amazing U-turns and half turns. It can even roll from ceiling to walls to floor with the wheel/quad-propeller combo. The Rolling Spider can only fly for 8 minutes at a time and is small enough to fit easily in your open hands, but at about $80, this is a great drone for children and beginners.


Another quadcopter that also comes from Parrot is the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. This is a very popular choice, and it only costs about $300. It already comes with a quality camera and it’s safe due to the barriers around its propellers. The Parrot can get speeds up to about 11mph, it has about 20 minutes of flight time, and its sensors allow for smooth flying and increased control.


The Walkera QR X350 Pro costs anywhere from $300 to $400 on Amazon depending on which dealer you look at specifically. You have to buy a camera separately, but it does come with a two-axis gimbal, and its battery life is very impressive with about 25 minutes of flight time. It can reach up to 45mph, and it has smart GPS and Altitude sensors to keep flight steady.


The Blade 350 QX3 costs around $399 on Amazon. This model is ready-to-fly out of the box and it’s easy to fly. It’s equipped to carry a GoPro camera. Its GPS antennae and Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope make for clearer signal and easier flight. 15 minutes of flight time makes this more of a simple drone but still a top choice on Amazon.


Once you’ve found the drone you want, take a look at the different dealers selling through Amazon. You’ll find a variety of prices and deals as well as helpful policies and services. One way or another, Amazon will help you to make sure everything in your purchase goes smoothly.

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by Ashley Smith