Onagofly or NotGoNoFly?

We are singlehandedly experiencing the drone revolution as its happening. Thousands of people are hungry to get a chunk of the expected 4 billion dollar drone market by the end of 2016. There have been many people who tried but failed to get into the drone market. We’re also in the age of crowd funding; an era where if you have an idea you can make a pretty video and pre-sale your products. If you meet your goal, you’re funded. What you do with that money is completely up to you at that point.

The Onagofly secured 2.95 Million dollars on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo 2 months  ago and have since started shipping their product. I bought in at a $150 price point for the 1st 200 backers so I was able to justify the risk of giving them my money. To me, crowd funding campaigns are an easy way to practice early stage investing with little risk and you’re return comes in the form of a product.

SOURCE: Quadcopter Guy – Read entire story here.

by Trent Siggard