How to Enter Travel Mode on the DJI Inspire 1

How to Enter Travel Mode on the DJI Inspire 1


Do you remember going to the arcade and trying out the driving simulators? You sat in the nasty-smelling driver’s seat and had a blast cruising down narrow, simulated streets in your fancy, fake race car. You might have even tried a flight simulator and thought about how cool it would be to actually fly a real plane or helicopter. Well flying a DJI Inspire 1 is the real deal and twice as thrilling. You can watch your drone zoom over rivers and fields, all while making incredible maneuvers. You can even see what your drone sees from the screen on your mobile device.


When I started reading about something called travel mode on the DJI Inspire 1, I thought it would send the craft into some preplanned excursion to find some hidden treasure or something. In reality, travel mode maybe isn’t the coolest feature, but it is still pretty useful.


Right out of the box, the Inspire 1 is actually already in travel mode. Taking it out of travel mode or entering travel mode again takes the same steps.


To put the Inspire 1 into travel mode, you first need to place the drone on a very flat surface. If it is not on a flat surface, it could go into flight mode instead. If you are out in a remote location where there doesn’t seem to be a flat surface, you may be able to use the outside of the travel case as a flat surface. After you’ve done this, toggle the transformation switch on the remote four times. The main center body of the drone will lower to the ground until it is about 2cm away, where it will stop. In this position, you can store your drone in its case for travel—hence the name. You can also take the battery out at this time if you need to.


To take the Inspire 1 back out of flight mode, you do pretty much the same thing. Just toggle the transformation switch on the remote, again four times. The body will rise to the landing mode needed to attach the gimbal and be ready for flight.


So travel mode is essentially meant to put the drone into a position where it will fit nicely back into its travel case for safe storage and transport. And it can only fit into the travel case when it is in travel mode. The DJI Inspire 1 travel case can fit the Inspire 1, 2 remote controllers, 6 flight batteries, a charger, and 2 field monitors (as long as they are less than 10in). It even has 3 additional cavities which can hold any miscellaneous items you need it to. It has a closed-cell foam interior as well as an ambient pressure equalization valve that ensures each item in your case is well protected.


Knowing how to put the DJI Inspire 1 into travel mode can save you a lot of frustration when trying to pack up your gear and move to a different location.

SOURCE: Drones Etc. – News – Read entire story here.

by Ashley Smith