Filming for AWAY

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When out filming AWAY I had no idea what the story was about. It was a mystery to me, but I was just happy to be out collaborating with someone making epic visuals. Now that the film has come out, it’s pretty reflective of the past year of my life. I was entering into a whole new world of business and a whole new industry for that matter. At a certain point I just wanted to get away and forget about everything that has happened. I started to run, then finally realized that I needed to forgive myself and upon receiving that forgiveness was offered a second chance. To me, the film is very reflective of my experience. Click “Continue Reading” to watch the full film.

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More photos, videos, and experiences from the shoot!

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On the journey I saw someone taking photos on the side of the Tioga pass in his Range Rover I remember seeing on social media. This was the 1st time I would meet Barry, and by chance that we meet for the 1st time int he mountains when I had such an important decision to make the day before. Barry is so awesome and has such a big heart! I really value his friendship.

Sometimes a set of experiences run deeper than any set of words someone can offer you as advice. As I set out to film aerial shots for AWAY I was in a deep contemplative time in my life. Placed before me was one of this biggest decisions of my life. It was something that nothing could have gotten me ready for besides living through it and making the wrong choice.

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It’s not just making the wrong decision that made an impact, but it was the months of depression and desperation that I was feeling during that time. I would be very hard on myself, holding myself and my employer to an extremely high standard. I would be in a constant battle with myself over my purpose in life, if this is what I’m supposed to be doing, and what else I should be trying to seek. It was a hard time, but I was able to get out of it after talking it over with some friends.

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Through all this I’ve realized that people are so scared to make mistakes in life, and everything I’ve learned about myself during that time has helped me grow exponentially. The biggest gift that this experience gave me was learning how to offer and accept forgiveness for myself. I have held so much againced myself that I was creating walls around myself that would manifest itself as complete loneliness.

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SOURCE: Quadcopter Guy – Read entire story here.

by Trent Siggard