droneSimPro Review – A Great Educational Drone Simulator

Since drones are starting to become an everyday fun activity we have seen a number of drone simulators pop up for online use. Today we wanted to do a review of the new simulator from droneSimPro. They are fairly early in the game with high hopes to really make this an educational tool to teach future drone and quadcopter pilots how to safely operate their machines. As any experienced pilot knows, crashes happen so if you can save yourself some money and do it on a simulator then it’s a win-win. Also, considering new regulations coming up requiring drone pilot training, we think this will become a must for all new pilots. So without further adieu, here is the droneSimPro Review – a Great Educational Drone Simulator!


Installation was pretty straight forward with this application. Simply choose your operating system and download the software. From there you actually have the option to demo the software and are currently allowed to fly with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ on their first level for the demo. droneSimPro Drone Simulator

If you want to go ahead and purchase a full license, you are simply emailed a serial number which you need to manually enter into the serial space for access to the entire program. (We had some issues copy and pasting it so make sure you manually type it out)

Graphical Interface

droneSimPro Review screenshot

Just for reference, these screenshots were taken on a MacBook Air which we know isn’t the best gaming rig in general. Overall the graphics were OK, definitely not HD or something you would find on Playstation or Xbox, but they did the trick for a computer drone simulator.


Controls on a laptop are up-down-left-right arrows for forward-back-side-side pitch. W-S-A-D are used for up-down-right rotate-left rotate. Basically this mirrors what you would be doing on the joy sticks of a real drone so I’d give it a thumbs up for that. Definitely takes some getting used to and is a different feel than joy sticks. You are currently able to plug in a USB game controller in order to simulate a real one which would work perfect. (See what it works with in the FAQ section on their website)

Feature Set

  • Accurate flight model of Phantom 2 Vision+
  • Drone and pilot views
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Warnings for loss of VLOS and altitude restrictions
  • Realistic lighting conditions
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • High-end 3D graphics engine
  • Real geological features and terrain
  • USB game controller input

Drone Simulation Screenshots

Right now you only have the option to fly a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with FPV in the lower box. There are 3 current levels that are listed below:

droneSimPro Open Field

droneSimPro Obstacle Course

DronesimPro House Scene

Within each of the levels you can toggle between the FPV view or the view as if you were controlling the drone from the ground. I believe in this simulator that the FPV works much better as in some of the levels you can’t actually see the drone when you fly it a little ways away. Here are some screenshots of the levels while playing them.

Open Field:

DroneSimPro Drone Simulator

Obstacle Course:

droneSimPro Quadcopter Simulator

And then we toggle to the FPV view as the big view:

DronesimPro Quadcopter Simulator

DroneSimPro Drone Simulator Obstacle Course

House Scene:

DroneSimPro Scene

I like how they create probably the 3 most used scenarios – First time flight in an open field, trying FPV in an obstacle course, and taking pictures of house for real estate sales.

Another thing I noticed was it gave you a warning if you were flying above 400 feet. I really like this feature as it is important to instil drone safety and regulations for when you are actually flying the real thing.


Currently the price is just $29.99. Purchase here.


  • Accurate flight model of Phantom 2 Vision+
  • Flight engine specifically written for drones
  • Drone and pilot views
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Warnings for loss of VLOS and altitude restrictions
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • High-end 3D graphics engine
  • USB game controller input
  • All updates through 2016 free of charge
  • Price


  • Graphics leave something to be desired
  • A bit simplistic currently
  • No other options for drones at the moment
  • No ability to change the drones speed or reaction time currently

Final Take

This is a very decent learning tool and will continue to get better with time. If you look above, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you want to get into piloting drones or quadcopters then this is an easy and cheap way to get started. For educational purposes they really help you out and are also willing to create custom scenarios that can emulate your needs. Once you have tested out the simulator then we recommend you try out a mini drone (hint: Hubsan X4) before purchasing a larger drone for sale. Please leave comments and questions below!

RQ Team

SOURCE: Ready Quadcopters: Latest News – Read entire story here.

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