DJI Phantom 3 or 4? Is it Worth the Upgrade?

DJI Phantom 3 or 4? Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Often times we are asked whether the difference between the DJI Phantom 3 and the latest Phantom the Phantom 4 is worth the added expense? Also, what about the comparison of the 3DR Solo to the Phantom 4?

The Phantom 4 represents the pinnacle of what is available for the consumer mass market today. As a consumer looking for the best there is when it comes to capturing aerial video without breaking the bank, this is it.

But what about the Phantom 3. It shares much in common with the 4. Same controller, similar app interface, same camera quality. Is it worth the added expense? Here’s my answer…depends. It depends on a few key factors which I will get into below.

The following are all reasons that the Phantom 4 is worth spending the money on: If you want/need the 4k capabilities of the camera. If you want/need the ability to live track moving targets autonomously. If you want/need the ability to automatically avoid obstacles that may be in your path. If you want/need the ability to fly at speeds up to 50MPH with increased maneuverability. Those are the main reasons to upgrade. 

There are also a few less important reasons but nice extras nonetheless. The Phantom 4 features quick-release props much like it’s bigger sister the Inspire. It’s not a huge deal but the everyday practicality make it something really nice that you miss when you don’t have it. Another is the nice case that the Phantom 4 ships in. It comes in a high quality custom cut foam case that can be used as an everyday carry case or thrown in a backpack for even more portability. No need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a custom backpack with the same functionality. 

As far as the comparison to the 3DR Solo my biggest issue here is that you have to use a GoPro with the Solo. In my humble opinion, the GoPro Hero is NOT the ideal camera to use for expansive landscape shots that drones are designed to capture. DJI’s camera is much better in this regard. When all is said and done, if you have to buy a GoPro for your Solo you aren’t saving any money and are getting an inferior product. There is nothing that the Solo can do that they Phantom can’t do and in most cases, do better.

With all of that said. The Phantom 3 is a great machine and if you don’t want or need 4k video then you would be quite happy with the Phantom 3 Advanced and it would save you a good chunk of change. You can’t go wrong between the 2. So pick one and let the fun begin!

SOURCE: Drones Etc. – News – Read entire story here.

by Shawn R