DJI Inspire 1 with Single Remote

DJI Inspire 1 with Single Remote

The DJI Inspire 1 can accomplish feats previously thought impossible, and it comes with a variety of features and accessories ready to operate as soon as you get your drone.

This drone also comes with a single, rechargeable remote, which takes about six hours to fully charge. When it is fully charged, you will have a full four hours of remote operation. With this amount of time, you can take your drone out on multiple flights without having to worry about recharging your remote anytime soon.

The remote features an HDMI and USB hookup, both of which can transmit video up to 2 km when the function is activated. When you get the handle of your drone, you can mount a mobile device on your remote which will enable you to view the video feed in real time once you connect it to either the HDMI or USB hookup. The Inspire 1 remote can hold any device the same size as or smaller than an iPad air. With the viewing device attached, you will have incredible control of the sights your Inspire 1 views, and you will be able to capture stunning pictures that would never be possible on foot.

Aside from the power button, the single remote controller has several easy-to-use buttons designed to capture photo and video from your soaring drone while you remain safely on the ground. These include video-recording (simply press the button to record video), playback (watch what sights you’ve just captured), and shutter (press to take a photo or capture multiple shots on burst mode) buttons as well as a dial for more specific camera settings. Another dial controls the gimbal to give your camera an unobstructed, 360-degree view. By controlling this gimbal with your remote, you can keep your camera focused on one particular location while also flying your drone in any direction.

Beyond camera control, the single remote also controls every movement the drone makes, mostly through the two toggle sticks on the top surface of the remote. You will control nose direction, forward and backward pitch, and rotation of the drone, among other things. Then, with the transformation switch, you can lower or raise the landing gear. But, by pressing the RTH button on the transformation switch, the drone will return to the last home point automatically without you having to worry about your landing skills. There is also a flight mode switch which puts the Inspire 1 into three different flight modes: F, A, and P modes.

This may seem like a brief overview of a lot of buttons and controls to worry about, but the single remote control is not as complicated as it sounds, and, once you get the hang of it, controlling the remote will become second nature. You can even modify your remote so that it best fits your style of flying.

The DJI Inspire 1 is cutting-edge technology that allows you to soar beyond your grounded reach. With the single remote, you will be amazed by the fact that you are the one in control.

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by Ashley Smith