CES 2016 Drone Highlights

A few highlights from the world of drones and CES 2016.

An up and coming manufacturer of consumer drones is a company called Yuneec. This year at CES they showed off their new Typhoon H designed for professional photographers. It features a 4K camera, carbon fiber, and retractable landing gear giving the camera a 360 degree unobstructed view. Best thing that this drone has going for it is it’s price tag: $1799.

Next up is DJI’s new Phantom 3 4K. Check out our blog post that goes into more detail about what the difference is between this new drone and the existing lineup of Phantom 3’s. 

Another cool new product from CES 2016 is from Parrot. Their new fixed-wing drone, the Disco features an autopilot which is controlled from your smart device. We loved the awesome flight time of this camera equipped drone, 45 min!

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention what we saw as the coolest new product to be introduced in the drone category at CES, the EHang 184! While this product might be a little ahead of its time, it serves to show how close we conceivably are to personal transport via drones. Exciting stuff! The EHang 184 is large enough for a single passenger. The cart itself weighs in at 500 lbs. and features 4 arms with 8 rotors total. Hence the name 184. The passenger enters their desired destination on a digital map and the 184 does the rest. Flight time is around 20 min. and before you claim ‘publicity stunt’ according to the company, they have had over 100 successful flights although their biggest hurdle now is that there isn’t a place on the planet that would allow the 184 to be used as intended.


SOURCE: Drones Etc. – News – Read entire story here.

by Shawn R