Buying the DJI Inspire 1 on B&H

Buying the DJI Inspire 1 on B&H


B&H is a profession photo, video, and audio company. It sells anything you might need to accomplish your photography and videography endeavors. They have standard equipment such as cameras, audio tools, and film, but they also sell a number of other things needed for professional projects, including any set ups you might need for a darkroom. All around, B&H offers competitive prices and quality merchandise that isn’t marred by bad customer service. Providing you with tools for any photography needs, it only makes sense that B&H would also sell a number of quadcopters including Hubsans and Parrots, as well as drones from DJI.


You can purchase your drone on B&H through its online store or mobile apps, or you can shop in person at its New York location. When buying the DJI Inspire 1, you’ll find that the price is the same as pretty much everywhere else: $2,899. But there are some perks with buying through B&H that you would not get through another vendor.


With B&H you can get free expedited shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, so you won’t have to pay more or wait any longer than three days for your drone to be delivered. And, if you buy before 4 PM Monday through Thursday or before 11 AM on Fridays, then your product will be shipped the same day. B&H also ships internationally and has multilingual experts available if you need them.


It is easy to pay for your Inspire 1 through a variety of options available including Paypal, credit card, Google Wallet, wire transfer, or gift card, among others. And, if you sign up for their newsletter, you will get updates on the latest deals and discounts.


Reviews say buying the Inspire on B&H is a great decision because of the helpful customer service that’s available before and after you purchase anything. You can have any of your questions answered not only by going to the store in person or calling customer service, but also through their online chat, if that is more convenient for you. If you need to return your drone for any reason, you can contact B&H and they will helpfully guide you through their return procedure. You can return anything within 30 days if you are dissatisfied, as long as the product is in new condition and still contains all accessories that came with it. The only downside to buying an Inspire 1 on B&H is that they sometimes run out of product, so you may have to wait for them to be restocked. However, they don’t make you pay for the Inspire 1 until they have the product ready.


So if you are ready to get your new DJI Inspire 1 but aren’t sure where to get it, buying through B&H is a great option. You won’t lose any of the fantastic features that the Inspire 1 offers. You will still operate the same integrated 4k camera, 3-axis gimbal, and carbon fiber airframe design. Through B&H and the DJI Inspire 1, all of your photography dreams are within your reach.

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by Ashley Smith