Best bundles for the DJI Inspire 1

Best bundles for the DJI Inspire 1

The DJI Inspire 1 comes with everything you need to get started, but there are other accessories and additions that could really enhance your filming. Some are actually pretty essential. The specialized travel case, for example, doesn’t come with the Inspire 1, but if you want to transport it across any distance without damaging it, or if you want to store it for any amount of time, you really can’t live without the hard case. You also really can’t afford not to get a second remote controller, because controlling the drone’s flight and camera function at the same time is extremely difficult.


If you try to get all of these items in addition to getting the Inspire 1, it’s going to cost you a lot more than you were maybe planning on. But getting a bundle can save you a lot of money since certain accessories would be included with the Inspire 1.


There are a couple of different bundles available and you can pick which one would be best for your needs.


The best bundle I’ve found gets you the Inspire 1 with two remotes. You can buy this bundle through pretty much any dealer at about $3,399, making the price difference between getting the Inspire 1 with dual remotes and getting a second remote separate from the Inspire 1 about $150. And that’s with the second remote on sale. At normal price, you would actually be saving $199. With this bundle, you will be able to film without any troubles. Really, since you have to get the second remote anyway, you might as well save 150 bucks while doing it.


A second bundle I found specifically on Adorama gets you the Inspire 1, a remote, and two Intelligent Flight batteries for $3,029. You would be saving about $29 if you got this bundle rather than buying the second battery separately. If you’re wondering if a second battery is really necessary, I would say the answer is yes! With a second battery on hand at your flight site, you would be able to switch out your original battery when it runs out of juice. Putting the second battery in would then give you double the amount of flight time. If you drove quite a ways out to do some filming and cool drone maneuvers, then you really would want to get in as much flight time as possible. And by getting this dual battery bundle, you would be saving money on something you would probably end up investing in anyway.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a bundle that includes dual remotes and dual batteries. But if you’re looking to buy one bundle or the other, I would go with the dual remote bundle since this would save you a lot more. Then you can just buy the second battery separately.


Just be aware of different bundles available when you buy your Inspire 1. Even though you may think you’re saving money by just buying the drone, you may actually end up spending more money than you need to later on.

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by Ashley Smith