​UDI U818a vs Yuneec q500: Starter vs Intermediate Quadcopter

Many companies have given the world some magnificent drones. The love for these quadcopters has risen in the past few years, and people are always looking for the perfect drone that satisfies their piloting needs. Yuneec and UDI serve different sections of the drone users. Yuneec manufacture drones that use elite levels of aerial photography and droning games, while UDI constructs drones to fulfill basic needs at a much-budgeted price. As listed in our
guide to drones for sale, both these companies can be a perfect choice for your next drone purchase. Let’s discuss the specifications of UDI U818a vs Yuneec Typhoon q500 drone in detail.

Yuneec Typhoon q500


UDI U818a is designed with a very light plastic material and covers the rotors of the machine. The other wires and electronics are secured in the cavity underneath the main drone’s frame but remains without cover. The light body of the drone keeps it stable in 10 mph winds, which is a surprise, but anything above that may lead to drifting of the drone. Other parts of the drone like rotors are also made with same quality plastic.

The Q500 has a very eye-catching construction made with the high-quality material. The arms and legs are incredibly stable and stand true to many steadiness tests. The structure of this drone is sturdy and can withstand heavy winds and weather. Every part of this quadcopter is covered with lightweight metal, which gives it a professional and finished look.

UDI U818a Camera Drone


The 3.7 V and 500 mAh battery of
UDI U818a provides a flight time of only 10 minutes. The low cost of the drone makes it easy for the pilot to own additional batteries and increase the machine’s time in the air. The recharging of its batteries can take up to 2 hours, which can get annoying.

UDI U818a Camera and Battery

Typhoon Q500 has a very powerful 5,400 mAh Li-Pi battery that gives a flight time of up to 25 minutes. The recharging time is 2 hours, same as that of UDI U818a, but the flight time is pretty impressive for such a sturdily constructed drone.

Yuneec q500 battery


The controller of UDI U818a has a very boxy and sturdy construction, which is a surprise for a drone of this price range. It has control sticks that handle thrust and direction of the drone with ease. The other buttons allow handling of drone’s various modes and other flight functions. All data is displayed on the LCD display available on the front of the controller. The radio signal and frequency band can communicate over 2.4 Ghz, without any interference from other Wi-Fi networks, which is same as that of Typhoon Q500 controller.

UDI U818a Drone Controller

The controller of
Typhoon Q500 is a beauty. It has 10-channels equipped with a 4.5” LED screen that displays flight data, which is much better than UDI U818a. These dual joysticks have the same thrust and direction functions like UDI U818a, but the buttons on this controller can access more modes. The Typhoon Q500 can also be controlled by other mobile devices, unlike UDI U818a.

Yuneec q500 controller with LCD screen


Keep the expectations low when it comes to UDI U818a drone’s camera. The video and photo quality is below average and is known to record fuzzy noises. However, the colors are very bright, and the videos are shot at 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second. Clearly, if you are looking for a really good
camera drone then this shouldn’t be your first choice.

UDI U818a Camera

The camera of Typhoon Q500 is much better and delightful than UDI U818a. It can record up to 12-megapixles stills and 1080 p HD video footage, and at a very fine quality. It has a 3-axis gimbal system, which is absent in UDI U818a and also has highly stable camera functions.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Camera Drone Camera


Surprisingly, UDI U818a costs only $149 (
see current price) and includes battery and a remote controller in the package. On the other hand, the Typhoon Q500 4K is available for $1,200 (see current price) and higher models can go to a range of up to $1,300.


To make a decision among these drones, it highly depends upon your budget and requirements. But keeping those factors aside, Typhoon Q500 is a masterpiece in comparison to UDI U818a. It has a very highly quality camera with gimbal system, and the construction is highly impressive. The battery of UDI U818a has more power, and the controller gives the pilot more options to fly the drone successfully. It is a great drone to be used in professional aerial photography and games. UDI U818a is designed for beginners and those drone enthusiasts who are looking for simple functions and operational range in a drone.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Camera Drone

Whether you pick Typhoon Q500 or UDI U818a, both stand greatly in their sections and provide a great droning experience to the users.

SOURCE: Ready Quadcopters: Latest News – Read entire story here.