​UDI U818a Review: A True Beginner’s Drone

There are two types of drone lovers in the world: beginners and experts. The newbie wants the computer to do all the hard work while they enjoy their aerial photography sessions. A specialist looks at a firm control on the drone, to enjoy the thrill of flying it manually. The UDI U818a is a quadcopter that ultimately relies on the skills of the pilot, but has a highly functional controller that still keeps the things simple. It is a great pick for those aspiring drone flyers that are looking to have full control of the functions during their flights. With that, let’s begin with a complete review of UDI U818a.

UDI u818a


The frame is made of light and thin plastic that surrounds the rotors of the drone. The frame is not very lavish like in DJI Phantom 4 and Yunnec q500 drones but is designed to give the drone more machine-like look than the fancy one. Electronics are fitted in the small cavity underneath the center and do not have much cover. The machine is very light but remains stable in 10 mph winds, anything above that might carry it away pretty fast.

The rotors are also made with the same material and involve screws to lock them securely in place, unlike other low-end quadcopters that self tighten. It implies that it is stable but makes them harder to replace.



This quadcopter has a 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery that gives up to 10 minutes flight time to the drone. The full recharge requires 2 hours, which is a lot for just 10 minutes of time in the air. As the drone is affordably priced, keeping 1-2 batteries in hand will allow you to fly this manual quadcopter for longer minutes without having to wait around for recharging.

UDI u818a battery and camera


The controller of UDI U818a is of a boxy design and has many switches on its exterior. It is made of quality plastic and will allow the pilot to have a full control of their drone. It also has an LCD on the front that delivers flight data and buttons to control various functions like start, stop, photo, change of flight mode and even flip the quadcopter. Two control sticks offer control of the drone’s thrust and direction, respectively.

The radio signal and frequency band can communicate over 2.4 Ghz, without any interference from other Wi-Fi networks. No other mobile devices like Smartphone or tablet can control this quadcopter. It weighs more than 10 ounces and gives a comfortable fit for your thumbs. It is powered by AA batteries and can provide several hours for flying before running out.

UDI u818a controller


The camera is situated at the bottom of the quadcopter drone and is minuscule in size. It weighs just 0.2 ounces and has a slot for 2GB microSD card. The image and video quality are below impressive and only faces forward and downwards. Videos are shot at 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second, and the colors are very bright. It also picks up flickers and faint camera noise, which will require a lot of editing.

UDI u818a HD camera

PRICE >> See Current Price (for HD version)

The price of UDI U818a is just $47 for non HD in comparison to other high-end drones that range up to $2000. It will include drone, battery, and its charger and you have to buy other accessories separately. It is a good medium sized drone for the price, if you are curious about different options then check out our list of some of the best drones for sale currently.


If you’re looking to buy drones for professional use then go for DJI and Parrot quadcopters, but if you want a drone that is cheap and still flies great, than UDI U818a is the one for you. Though the camera quality is below average, the overall package with great design and the functional controller is the best one in cheap drones section.

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UDI u818a quadcopter package

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