​Parrot Bebop 2 vs Yuneec q500: Different Style Camera Drones

Parrot and Yuneec have really established themselves in the drone industry. They have some great drones under their name and have made it difficult for the drone lovers to pick the best. Their most popular drones are Parrot Bebop 2 and Yuneec Q500, and they have their unique features and flight experience. Whether you have just started out, or you’re an expert, you have to account for many factors like flight time, battery, robust construction, and camera, to make an informed decision. Let’s pit these great drones against each other in the Parrot Bebop 2 vs Yuneec q500 comparison and find out which outperforms the other.

Parrot Bebop 2 Camera Drone


Yunnec Q500 is designed with a modular and much-integrated structure than Parrot Bebop. It has a stunning aerodynamic structure and has a much heavier look. On the other hand, the Parrot Bebop has a unique design and mimics a mini-aircraft and is much lighter in look and weight. The Typhoon Q500 has four rotors on the sides like any other quadcopter, and the Parrot Bebop has the tri-rotors arranged in the design of an airplane. Both are created with premium lightweight plastic and have a sleek and stylish appeal.

Yuneec Typhoon q500 4k


The battery of Yunnec Q500 has a mighty power of 5400 mAh and can provide up to 25 minutes of flight time when GPS and maneuvering are used at the minimum. Its 11 V Li-Po battery is sleek and fits comfortably into the drone’s slot. On the other hand, the battery of Parrot Bebop has a power of 2700 mAh and a flight time of 23 minutes. For the most part, the batteries are equally designed well to provide optimum power.Yuneec q500 battery


The controller of Yuneec Q500 is considered to be an all-in-one remote. It is loaded with transmitter and receiver along with a perfect ground station setup. It has an incredible 5.5” display that shows the flight information like battery status and flight time. Joysticks are available with the controller, and various buttons can be used to activate flight modes of the drone, similar to Parrot Bebop. It’s controller also has all the bells and whistles, but an LCD screen is absent. Instead, it has an iPad or tablet holder that can be connected to the main remote via an app and can be used as a display.


Yuneec Q500 has a great 3-axis gimbal system that provides incredible stability to the drone’s camera. It can capture 12-megapixel stills and 1440p footage at 30 frames per second. It has a wide lens with fish-eye distortion features, to allow a magnificent aerial photography. The Parrot Bebop can click 14-megapixel stills and 1080p video, but has no gimbal system, instead it uses software to fix the stability. The camera is fitted inside the nose of the drone that can cause some stability issues in longer flights.

Parrot Bebop Drone 2 Camera


Yuneec Q500 is available for $895.00 that includes hard case, 4K camera, two batteries, two props and a steady handheld grip for the controller. On the other hand, Parrot Bebop is listed for $499.99 and has an inbuilt camera and an extra battery in the package. See the current prices below:

Parrot Bebop Drone 2

Yuneec Q500 4K


Yuneec Q500 has a much bulkier and better design than Parrot Bebop 2, which allows it to hold its position in heavy winds. It is also better for stability and camera, which makes it a perfect choice for aerial photographers. Parrot Bebop has an appealing look and much lighter body, to make it easier for beginners to learn and fly this quadcopter. Depending upon your droning experience and requirements, you can pick either of the drones and enjoy your time in the air. This is why we put these on our list of some of the best drones for sale at the moment. Click to see how they stack up against the competition!

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k

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